Casting Classes

I’d like help you improve your casting. Your time spent in the boat is important and when that fish of a lifetime is swimming your way it’s no time to be falling apart and casting poorly. It seems I have gotten to try a multitude of fly rods over the years and in doing so, learned some things that can help freshwater anglers turning to the saltwater realm get comfortable casting the heavier weighted rods that are required. I love to share what I’ve learned with anyone interested through any number of ways, including my notoriously wild analogies, we’ll have fun while learning. From novice to expert, together we can improve your presentation and get you out there…

Individual instruction or group rates. (A fun day for small corporate retreats…) Please contact me for details.


Fly Tying Classes

Saltwater or freshwater – I can show you how to build some bugs that work. I have many innovative designs & techniques to share.
Individual instruction only.