barracudaAs my good friend Capt. Mike says, “The more flash the better!” During the late fall months while looking for bonefish on the flats you begin to find these heat seeking missiles silently waiting to destroy anything in their path. The winter months prove to be a good time to find the bigger “cuda” on the flats, but the old adage: they don’t get that big being dumb, came right out of a barracudas sinister grin. I guess they wouldn’t be so sinister if they didn’t have all those teeth, and their ultra aggressive nature, and their ridiculous speed, but then again they wouldn’t be such bad asses if they didn’t have all those great characteristics that they have; that we want to put a hook in and fight! Oh and did I mention that you hang a couple barracuda of the side of the boat and the sharks coming running like Russian mail order brides to a Microsoft stock holders convention.