Crib Jiggas


  • Hook: Gamakatsu or Mustad stainless steel 60 degree jig-hook 4-1/0
  • Thread: tan Uni thread 6/0
  • Body: tan or olive, or white Antron merkin body with pheasant rump wound through rear, as well as burned mono eyes with epoxy over, tied in weed guard style. Round rubber legs wrapped in-between each segment. Marker legs and body to match bottom colors.
  • Eyes: lead eyes mini-heavy
  • Weed Guard: 12 lb mason hard mono


permitPermit are Shaolin Nijias sent from outer space with eyeballs the size of cows and sight like an eagle. They have been called the holy grail of fly fishing, or the crown jewel of the sport. This is the fish that really tests an angler’s skill, and more importantly his or her PATIENCE. There are a lot of positive things to be said about them, what I have noticed is that more than anything they have a way of improving every anglers abilities. Anyone who has caught one will agree that each and every permit on fly no matter its size is a true gift.