bonefishBone fishing in the upper keys is some of the best anywhere! Our average bonefish range from 4 to 8 lbs, with some upwards of 11-15 lbs. An amazingly high number of world record bonefish have been caught in the upper keys, and for good reason; our local waters are teeming with crabs, big shrimp, clams and other foods these fish love so much.¬†Bonefish could be the ideal shallow water fish. They are skittish enough to keep the best of us humbled, while at other times reveal how aggressive a fish can be. Whether you find one big tailing fish working a shoreline in the evening, or in large schools, the variety of conditions and water we find these fish in are truly amazing. It’s enough to make you quit your job and move to the exotic waters around the world so you can hunt them.